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Welcome to ContempoCinema.com

The cinema has forever changed through-out years of great films and mind-blowing movies. Today's era of movies has drawn in a entirely different crowd of viewers than it did 20 years ago when movies such as Jaws, Lethal Weapon and Back to the Future became the most popular ones to watch. Through history cinema has taken us through grainy black and white films to silent films to huge block buster phenomena's and today's movies keep getting better.
Through the early stages of cinema Charlie Chaplin became known widely for his talent in silent films such as "Modern Times" and "City Lights". Without a voice to go with his amazing ability to make people laugh Charlie Chaplin held the big screen and made ancient TV the first step to what movies are today.

During the 1930's and 1940's cinema became even greater when the "Wizard of Oz" and "Casablanca" became instant classics. Through the age of the 50's and 60's James Dean lit up the film industry as America's favorite bad boy in "Rebel Without A Cause" while Alfred Hitchcock introduced his own take on films with the movie "Pyscho". Star Wars, The Godfather and The Exorcist defined a whole new vision of film through the 1970's while the 1980's brought some of the best classics to the big screen such as The Goonies, E.T., Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Poltergeist.

During the 1990's cinema brought more dramatic films to the big screen through movies like Dangerous Minds and American X. It also put a spin on classic fairy tales and introduced a magical beast through Beauty and The Beast and recorded the story of one brave cowboy when he took command of the other toys in Toy Story.

The years in between 2000 and 2009 saw a lot of changes including a spin on animated movies through CG animation to make cartoon characters look incredibly real such as in movies like Monsters VS. Aliens, Up, Shrek and A Christmas Carol. Movies like Harry Potter and Star Trek came to the big screen and exploded with video and sound but nothing could have prepared us for what Avatar brought to the big screen through its definition of life on other planets, bright beautiful colors and magnificent sound.

Movies have been credited through the years, given great awards and have told some wonderful stories. They would be nothing however without the actors who bring the story to life. From Charlie Chaplin, to Grace Kelly to Meryl Streep to Brad Pitt, we owe them all a great round of applause for the magnificent work they endure to take words from a script/book and create a person.

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